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Mastercard® Payment Gateway Services

Introducing your one-stop payment solution with easy-to-use features.

Accept payments securely

Enable seamless, secure checkouts and payments across platforms including online, in app and on the phone.

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services will also act as your virtual terminal to accept all forms of cashless payments including Apple PayTM and Android PayTM.

Customise payment plans

Accepting subscription plan or repeat payments from your customers? Simply schedule customer payments using our recurring payments feature.

Manage everything from one place

Running a business is tough; which is why we want to simplify things by giving you the convenience of handling everything from one point, wherever you are.

Create a new online store, manage sales info, send invoices and help customers make repeat orders from your devices – all with one simple solution.

Secure your business

By using state-of-the-art encryption and tokenisation, we securely get payment information from your customer to our database.

We also monitor every transaction and manage sensitive payment data on our Level 1 PCI certified servers, making PCI compliance easier for you.

Become a Mastercard merchant

When your customers enjoy faster, seamless checkouts with Mastercard, you enjoy more business.

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Improve your business

With smarter solutions and a simple, secure platform, managing daily operations is even easier.

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Mastercard offers you a myriad of dining, entertainment, shopping and travel privileges so it’s simpler to get business done.

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