Increase your revenue with Masterpass® QR

Integrating easily with existing applications, Masterpass QR is a new electronic payment option that benefits both you and your customers.

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Added income without extra overheads

Masterpass QR gives you and your customers the convenience of electronic payment without any POS or MPOS equipment.

Adaptable for many uses

Use one static QR code that’s quick and convenient for customers to pay, or a dynamic QR code that’s unique to every transaction. Either way, you and your customers enjoy the benefits and security of e-payment.

Seamless e-payment solution

Unlike other e-payment solutions, Masterpass QR allows customers to pay directly from their mobile phones without the need to hand over their cards during payment.

Merchants only need a QR code to accept payment, while banks can take advantage of Masterpass QR’s easy integration into their existing mobile apps. It’s also easy to introduce Masterpass QR as it works with existing Mastercard cards.

Great for all types of merchants

Merchants can start to accept e-payments without the need for POS equipment – even those that are on the move such as taxi drivers. Masterpass QR can be used for businesses that offer delivery and unmanned payment acceptance.

Become a Mastercard merchant

When your customers enjoy faster, seamless checkouts with Mastercard, you enjoy more business.

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With smarter solutions and a simple, secure platform, managing daily operations is even easier.

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