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Find an acquirer for your high volume business

An acquirer is a financial institution licensed by Mastercard to help your business accept Mastercard payment. If you’re an established merchant with a significant transaction volume, this may be the option for you.

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Find a payment facilitator for your new or small business

A payment facilitator maintains the direct relationship and holds your business’ account with the acquirer on your behalf. If you’re just getting started or keeping things small, this option may be suitable.

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Get a Mastercard for your business

Take your pick from our credit and debit cards that offer a range of privileges for your business needs. No matter which you choose, have the assurance of Zero Liability covering unauthorised purchases online, in-store and over the phone.

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Step 1: The customer pays with Mastercard

The customer purchases goods/services from a merchant.

Step 2: The payment is authenticated

The merchant point-of-sale system captures the customer’s account information and securely sends it to the acquirer.

Step 3: The transaction is submitted

The merchant acquirer asks Mastercard to get an authorisation from the customer’s bank.

Step 4: Authorisation is requested

Mastercard submits the transaction to the bank for authorisation.

Step 5: Authorisation response

The bank authorises the transaction and routes the response back to the merchant.

Step 6: Merchant payment

The bank routes the payment to the merchant’s acquirer who deposits the payment into the merchant’s account.