Prepaid Card Issuers

The following is a list of Mastercard issuers in Singapore. Not all Mastercard card issuers are represented on this list, so for complete information, please contact your preferred bank or financial institution directly.


A fuss-free, reloadable, smart alternative to cash, the FEVO Prepaid Mastercard® makes a secured, go-to choice for contactless payment! With worldwide acceptance, make purchases virtually anywhere with FEVO, not forgetting your favourite online shopping destinationsTravel, entertain, dine and shop at any Mastercard® participating merchants.

Get flexibility, security and enjoy Mastercard® privileges without having to worry about credit checks, bank account, age and income requirements! FEVO doubles up as a smart budget-tool as you load how much you want to spend! 

Go #CashFree with FEVO!

Learn more about FEVO Prepaid Mastercard

YouTrip Multi-currency Mastercard

YouTrip is Singapore's first multi-currency mobile wallet designed for travellers. With the YouTrip Mastercard, you can pay overseas with no fees in more than 150 currencies worldwide. So you can enjoy instant savings anywhere you go. 

The YouTrip mobile application can also be used to instantly exchange and store up to 10 selected currencies with no additional fees and markups. So you can maximise your savings by locking down a good exchange rate when it is available. Be in better control of your travel expenses, with instant notifications on every transaction and one-click card lock through the mobile application.

Sign-up by downloading the YouTrip mobile application on Google Play / App Store. Registration is free, with no annual card fees or minimum income requirement. Find out more at


MatchMove Mastercard

Safer than a debit card. Works like a credit card.

MatchMove Mastercard is a digital, prepaid card that allows you make online transactions safely, easily and quickly.

For every transaction you make, a dynamic CVC code is generated, reducing instances of card fraud significantly. And with convenient top-up locations, instant cash transfers and a loyalty program, MatchMove Mastercard makes payments online much simpler.

MatchMove Mastercard also allows you to make cross-border transactions—including transfers to accounts, cash-pickups, transfers using MoneySend and HomeSend network.You can also make purchases at merchant with contactless terminals using your NFC-enabled phones.

Prefer a physical card? Apply for a MatchMove card via our App and complete your offline purchases using contactless NFC technologies such as Mastercard Contactless

Registration is free and anyone can sign up as long as you are 18 years and above. There are also no income requirements or credit checks. What are you waiting for? Apply now!