Tap & go on buses and trains

Singapore is turning 54. And in celebration, Mastercard® wants to let you tap into the very best that this city has to offer.

From 17th June, every time you tap & go with Mastercard on public transport, you stand to win a priceless Singaporean experience. From fine cuisine to breathtaking views, private tours to mini getaways and sold-out concerts, a spectacular array of prizes stand to be won just by riding the bus or train. Commuting has never been so rewarding.

Smoother journeys: priceless

54 priceless experiences. Tap & go for a chance to win.

17 - 23 June

Savour a special locally inspired menu against Singapore's most spectacular view.

24 - 30 June

Taste the flavours of tea you’ve never imagined, and take home a special blend.

1 - 7 July

Witness a private showcase of artistic and culinary flair.

8 - 14 July

Set sail to catch the sunset, followed by a glorious fireworks display.

15 - 21 July

Master the art of preparing our most iconic drink.

22 - 28 July

Dine at one of the city's hottest new tables - right in a chef's home.

29 July - 4 August

Have an unforgettable meal, 20 metres under the sea.

5 - 9 August

Attend a sold-out-concert starring one of Singapore's hottest stars.

54 weekly prizes. And 8 weeks for you to win.

In addition to priceless experiences, you also stand to win tickets to Universal Studios Singapore™, S.E.A. Aquarium™, Adventure Cove Waterpark™, and a range of other attractive weekly prizes ― every week for eight weeks!

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